In the year of 2016, Hong Kong Squash is celebrating its 55th Anniversary. Established in 1961, Hong Kong Squash has been serving the international profession arena as well as the local community development in squash and expand the game of Squash in Hong Kong into an exciting and popular sports event.  We overcame the challenges but also earned the remarkable achievements. We look forward to building a new era for squash in the coming future. 

In celebration of reaching another milestone of Hong Kong Squash, Hong Kong Squash 55th Anniversary cum Squash League 2015-16 Prize Presentation Dinner was held to share this significant moment with all our beloved last Friday night.

After giving the speech by Mr. David Mui, MH, JP, Chairman of Hong Kong Squash, Mr. Timothy Fok, GBS, JP, President of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China and Ms. Michelle Li, JP, Director of Leisure & Cultural Services, they proposed the toast together with other honorable guests included Mr. Yeung Tak Keung, JP, Commissioner for Sports, Home Affair Bureau, Mr. Carlson Tong, SBS, JP, Chairman of the Hong Kong Sports Institute, Dr. York Chow, GBS, JP, World Squash Federation Ambassador, Miss. Petty Lai, Principal Assistant Secretary (Recreation and Sport), Home Affairs Bureau, Mr. Tony Yue, BBS, MH, JP, Chairman of Elite Sports Committee, Mr. William Ko, BBS, MH, Chairman of Major Sports Events Committee, Mr. Pang Chung, SBS, Honorary Advisor of the Sports Federation & Olympic Committee of Hong Kong, China, Dr. Leung Pak Yin, Chief Executive of Hospital Authority, Mr. William Kuan, President of East Asian Squash Federation and Mr. Cedric Tyen, Chairman of the Organizing Committee of 55th Anniversary & Honorary Secretary of Hong Kong Squash to congratulate Hong Kong Squash for their success in the past 55 years.

Hong Kong Squash would also like to honor special individuals who have made outstanding performances and major influence on the game of squash in Hong Kong. Firstly, Tong Tsz Wing, Tang Ming Hong and Yip Tsz Fung are awarded to the Outstanding Athletes Award in recognition of their achievements in major international Games and have contributed to the sustainability and growth of squash in Hong Kong.

Secondly, Max Lee and Leo Au received the Most Valuable Athlete Award for their breakthrough achievements not only in their squash career but also making new Hong Kong records in order to bring the squash of Hong Kong to a higher level in the international arena.

In the meanwhile, we rewarded the Most Distinguished Service Award to Mr. Chris Coulcher and Mr. Tony Kwok, SBS, IDS, JP, in appreciation of their distinguished contribution and service to squash for over twenty years with wide recognition from the squash community.

In addition, the Hong Kong Squash League 2015/16 is completed successfully and all the winners of each division has joined the dinner and received their honors from our guests.

They all enjoyed the wonderful and precious moment meeting up with their fellows, old friends and colleagues.