Congratulations to All Winners in Squash Talent Foundation Programme 2022/23 - Novice Competition held at Cornwall Street Squash & Table Tennis Centre on 20th, 21st & 27th May 2023.


Congratulate the following Champions in all divisions:

Girls Under 17 – Ng Lok Ning Valerie

Boys Under 15 – Wang Tristan Xiao Feng

Girls Under 15 – So Wan Tung

Boys Under 13 – Man Yu Hin

Girls Under 13 – Zhang Yong Yuan

Boys Under 11 – Huen Sze Chit

Girls Under 11 – Lee Man Yi

Boyd Under 9 – Lee Chun Yuen Aiden

Girls Under 9 – Zhang Young Yin Jolene


For full results, Please click to “Hong Kong Squash Draw System” to get the full set of Winners List.