Title sponsored by Hong Kong Football Club and Evisu Group Limited, organized by Squash Association of Hong Kong China, subvented by Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau (Arts & Sport Development Fund), and supported by Leisure & Cultural Services Department and Watsons Water, the HKFC EVISU International Junior Squash Open 2023 will be held between 26 - 30 December at Hong Kong Football Club & Hong Kong Squash Centre.

This championship is recognized as a “Satellite Tour” of the World Squash Federation & Professional Squash Association, and a “Platinum Event” of the Asian Squash Federation, consists of twelve categories, including Boys' and Girls' Under 19, 17, 15, 13, 11, and 9.

The tournament is open to the public for free admission, you are welcome to come and support the junior players in person. For fans interested in attending the event, please refer to the following match’s arrangement:

Venue 1: HKFC – Hong Kong Football Club (3 Sports Road, Happy Valley)

Venue 2: HKSC – Hong Kong Squash Centre (23 Cotton Tree Drive, Central)

*2627 & 28/12 /2023*

HKFC – BU19, GU19, BU17, GU17, BU15 & GU15

HKSC – BU13, GU13, BU11, GU11, BU9 & GU9


HKFC – Top 8 position matches of all categories

HKSC – Other matches


HKFC – Top 8 position matches of all categories

In addition, official live streaming will be provided on our official YouTube channel / Facebook Fan Page for all matches played in HKFC’s Court 6 & Court 7 on 29 and 30 December.

Tournament Information:   https://bit.ly/3GTxCL2

Draws & Results:

(BU19, GU19, BU17, GU17, BU15 & GU15):   https://bit.ly/3GV2Y3P

(BU13, GU13, BU11, GU11, BU9 & GU9):   https://bit.ly/41uIJn2

Official YouTube Channel:   https://bit.ly/SAHKCYT

Official Facebook Fan Page:   https://bit.ly/SAHKCFB