The GU17 second seed, Kwong Ena won her compatriot, 3/4 seed Cheung Tsz Ching in today’s Semis 3-0 to lead herself into the next stage. Ena will fight for the division title with the top seed, Indian Anahat Singh in tomorrow’s final, while Cheung Tsz Ching awarded a bronze medal.

And the GU15 top seed, Tang Helen also suppressed her opponent, 5/8 seed Malaysian Dakshayani Thangaraja in 3-1 to secure her place in the final. She will meet the second seed Harleein Tan, another girl from Malaysia tomorrow.

The GU19 Tse Yee Lam Toby, GU15 Lo Pui Yin Chloe, GU13 Li Ka Man and BU13 Yuen Tsz Long all lost by 0-3 and finished their journey as second runners-up titles.

Fixtures of the Finals

Main Draw


(1100 CC1) 鄺恩琳 Kwong Ena (HKG)(2) v Anahat Singh(IND) (1)


(0930 CC1) 鄧凱琳 Tang Helen (HKG) (1) v Harleein Tan (MAS)(2)

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