Subvented by the Arts and Sport Development Fund from Culture,Sports and Tourism Bureau, Supported by LCSD, the 5-day Hong Kong Junior Squash Open 2023 completed successfully at Hong Kong Squash Centre in this afternoon.

The Prize Presentation Ceremony was held after the Girls Under 19 final. The Honourable Duncan Chiu, Chairman of Squash Association of Hong Kong, China, presented the awards along with Mr. Cedric Tyen, Honorary Secretary and Chairman of Executive Committee, Mrs. Heather Deayton, Member of Executive Committee and Mr. Aaron Yip, Member of Junior Development Sub-committee to all the winners.


Girls Under 9  - Liao Xiaotongyu 廖晓童羽 (CHN)

Boys Under 9 - Leung Ngo San 梁敖燊 (HKG)(1)

Girls Under 11 - Yang Sihan 楊斯涵 (HKG) (9/16)

Boys Under 11 - Kayvern Arthur (MAS) (2)

Girls Under 13 - Manivannan Jinoreeka Ning (MAS)(1)

Boys Under 13 - Yuen Tsz Long 袁梓朗 (HKG) (3/4)

Girls Under 15 - Tang Helen 鄧凱琳 (HKG) (2) 

Boys Under 15 - Oon Jayden 溫力銘 (MAS) (3/4)

Girls Under 17 - Kwong Ena 鄺恩琳 (HKG)(1)

Boys Under 17 - Ryu Jeonguk (KOR) (2)

Girls Under 19 - Tse Yee Lam Toby 謝依霖 (HKG)(1)

Boys Under 19 - Chuah Joachim 蔡汉稳 (MAS)(1)


Plate Event 

Girls Under 9 

Plate Winner - Wang Youying 汪幼瀯 (HKG) 

Classic Plate Winner - Lin ZiXuan Emma 林子瑄 (HKG) (3/4)


Boys Under 9

Plate Winner - Lee Chun Yuen Aiden 李鎮源 (HKG) 

Classic Plate Winner - Koon Ting Kong 官霆剛 (HKG) (5/8)


Girls Under 11

Plate Winner - Lyu Muxi 吕慕溪(CHN)

Classic Plate Winner - Cheung Hiu Man 張曉雯 (HKG) (9/16) 


Boys Under 11

Plate Winner - Ngai Chung Ho 倪琮賀 (HKG) 

Classic Plate Winner - Cai Rongqian 蔡鎔谦 (SIN) 

Special Plate Winner - Syahrul Anuar Syahmie Raeesz (MAS) (9/16) 


Girls Under 13

Plate Winner - Cao Chi Cheng 曹子晴 (MAC) 

Classic Plate Winner - Mun Haram (KOR) (5/8) 


Boys Under 13

Plate Winner - Choi Gyuhyeon (KOR) 

Classic Plate Winner - Wang Yam Chak Ocean 王鑫澤 (HKG) 

Special Plate Winner - Bai Ethan Hao Wen 柏皓文 (HKG) (25/32) 


Girls Under 15

Plate Winner - Mak Tsz Tung 麥芷桐 (HKG) 

Classic Plate Winner - Nallagongu Tanvi (USA) 


Boys Under 15

Plate Winner - Chan Chi Him 陳智謙

Classic Plate Winner - De Sousa Ian Miguel 蘇煒皓 (MAC)

Special Plate Winner - Wong Hon Yin Jeffrey 黃瀚彥 (HKG) (17/24) 


Girls Under 17

Plate Winner - Cho Ahyeon (KOR) 


Boys Under 17

Plate Winner - Wong Sze Yu 黃思諭 (HKG) 

Classic Plate Winner - Chan Yo-yo 陳友友 (TPE) 


Girls Under 19

Plate Winner - Li Tsz Yau 李籽優 (HKG) 


Boys Under 19

Plate Winner - Wong Yat Hay 黃逸曦 (HKG) 

Classic Plate Winner - Chak Kui Yuen Christopher 翟鉅源 (HKG)